PHCS - Doctor charge $80.00 in 15 minutes....

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I decide use PHCS discount card (health card)When ,I decided use, for the first time,the licensed insurance agent,gave me Dr.Andrew Ness (family General Practice)to go.When I went there, I fill in, all the papers.I wait for almost 2 hours.Than called me inside,took pressure ,weihgt etc..wait for more 15 minutes.Told all what I feel.I told to Dr. I don't have insurance.Have discount card.They took my blood for test.And before I leave ask for the price,want to pay,they did't give.Than second time I ask again for the amount, I want pay .Another test need to do,I told theme, I want the total now...and done ,I knew the exorbitance of $80.00 per 15 minutes,more 15 minutes more $80.00.I never heard about that, that is crazy...that is inhuman...disproportion....


Austin, Texas, United States #1269316

That doesn't sound like a complaint against the insurance company PHCS. It sounds like a complaint against the doctor for keeping you waiting 2 hours and then only seeing you for 15 minutes.


I went to a Denver a second time being treated for an infected finger.He looked at the finger and said, "It looks like it is getting better." Turns around and walks off.

$65.$11 a word.

to David #1125787

You are not paying for time.You are paying for someone who spent lots of money and time to learn his trade to evaluate your situation.

Quit *** because he was smarter than you about health care.You are paying for knowledge, not time.

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